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Restaurant Review: DOMO Japanese Cuisine, Harrogate

Updated: Apr 9

At DOMO, you are transported to Japan from the heart of Harrogate.

DOMO, Harrogate food: char sui ramen

DOMO, Harrogate

What to expect at DOMO

Opposite Harrogate’s famous Montpellier Mirror stands a little blue building that is an homage to Japan – sloping roof tiles overhang bright red lanterns and bamboo blinds are embellished with images of a cherry-blossoming landscape. Inside, DOMO is bright, airy and colourful; hot pink carnations on the tables bring good cheer, as does a cordial greeting of ‘irasshaimase!’ from the friendly staff. And if you’re not already feeling like you’ve been transported to the East, the authentic Japanese cuisine will do the trick.

DOMO, Harrogate

What’s to eat at DOMO?

DOMO specialises in sushi and has a great selection – from simple sashimi and nigiri to hosomaki, futomaki and temaki rolls. It’s masterfully made, as fresh as a Mount Fuji morning’s snow and completely delicious. Come with friends and order a bit of everything or go for the ‘Party Sushi’ – a selection specially chosen by the chef.

DOMO, Harrogate: Kirin beer

Hot dishes are on the menu too, with all the classics, including edamame, gyoza and tempura starters; and teriyaki, katsu curry and ramen mains. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available and clearly labelled.


If you want to try a bit of everything, go for a lunchtime Bento box. Choose from tempura, curry, teriyaki, or spicy BBQ meat, fish or veg as a main component, served with rice, miso soup, agedashi tofu, salad and 2 sushi pieces. Great value for less than £12!

You can view the menu here.

What’s to drink at DOMO?

DOMO offers an extensive drinks menu, including some Japanese beers – Sapporo, Asahi and Kirin Ichiban – to add to the authentic experience. If you’re after something stronger, try the sake.

DOMO, Harrogate food: tuna nigiri

What did we have at DOMO?

We visited Harrogate on a freezing Friday afternoon in November, so we opted for the hot food options to take the chill off! However, we couldn’t resist the sushi completely, so we started with tuna nigiri, which was almost too beautiful to eat! We managed though, and were glad that we did, because it tasted even better than it looked. Although the sushi couldn’t warm us up, the wasabi exploded with heat!

DOMO, Harrogate food: vegetable gyoza

Next, we shared some veggie gyoza – wonderfully chewy and crispy, with a savoury filling of vegetables and a hot kick of ginger. These were superb with lashings of robust, salty soy sauce.

Our first main was teriyaki salmon – perfectly-grilled fish, served sizzling on a bed of cabbage, coated with glistening, sticky sauce – just the right balance of salty and sweet. We added a side of sharp, punchy kimchi, which contrasted pleasingly with the richness of the teriyaki.

DOMO, Harrogate food: terikayi salmon and kimchi

Finally, we had char sui ramen (pictured above) – a huge, hearty bowl of thick noodles in pork bone broth, with corn, spinach, mushrooms, boiled egg and a generous helping of succulent BBQ pork. A bowlful of goodness to warm the body and the soul!

Where can I find DOMO?

DOMO is on Montpellier Street right in the centre of Harrogate, just round the corner from the iconic Bettys Café Tea Rooms. It’s a 5-minute walk from Jubilee Car Park and less than 10 minutes from the train station.


DOMO, Harrogate: soy sauce

DOMO, Harrogate: Summary

-          Authentic Japanese food

-          Takeaway available (collect from the restaurant)

-          Independent restaurant

-          Good range of Japanese beers and soft drinks

-          Harrogate town centre

-          Good transport links

Where can I find out more information, order or make a reservation?

Follow DOMO Japanese Cuisine on Facebook and Instagram for information on opening times and offers and to view the menu. Call them on 01423 408761 to order for in-store collection or to make a reservation.



If you enjoyed our review of DOMO, let us know what you thought or tell us about your favourite restaurant in Harrogate! We're always looking for the best places to review on our North Yorkshire blog!

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